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Project Management Solutions is an established, dynamic and performance driven training and consultancy services provider for private, public and community development sectors.

The probelm

PMS was ranking in the 3rd page for popular keywords that their target customers were querying. They were mainly using paid advertisments to increase brand awareness and it was burning cash every month.

Website loading speed was slow and not upto googles recommnended benchmark for a good website. The website lacked high search volume keywords and related content for better ranking. Although PMS has good customer reviews & word of mouth, it was not enough to rank higher and beat their competitors.

Research & Planning

The first step was to monitor the brands digital presence for a few weeks. We monitored & gathered the following things: Website Conversion Rate, Organic & Paid Traffic, Social Media Engagement, Website Heatmaps, Potential Keywords, Backlinks, Local SEO Oppotunities & more. We also monitored what competitors were upto and patiently built a digital roadmap for PMS.


It was clear that PMS needed to take a different approach if they wanted their business strategy and marketing campaigns on the same page. With such high competition, paid advertisements weren't enough so I suggested shifting gears towards organic content development in order reach new customers with targeted keyword searches; this would also help them avoid burning cash every month while increasing brand awareness at once!

Before we executed the digital roadmap built in the planning phase we had to develop a new website with latest technologies that increased site loading speed & performance and change UI of the website for higher conversion rate.

The result? After just one month of executing the digital roadmap, we saw an incredible jump—topping rankings for popular keywords including those related directly toward our client's target audience cut through competitive noise. PMS consistently started ranking higher every month for high volume keywords. This was also achieved with a content creation startegy where Stimulai's content creation team produced 3 to 5 blog posts per month and reaching out for guest post opportunities for backlink building. After a few months PMS was ranking first above all major competitors and was recieving 10 times more organic traffic than earlier.

Before & After


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