Zombie Lands

Zombie Lands is a free to play Player vs Environment vs Player (PvEvP) battle royale game. Zombie Lands uses play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn tokens and NFTs while playing the game. You compete against other players, to claim as much resources as possible and escape Dystopia before the infection reaches out to you. Victory goes to the player that is the last man standing and manages to survive in time.

The Requirements

When blockchain play to earn games were trending & the talk of the town, our client reached out to Stimulai with a Play to Earn idea.

The requirements were to build MPV game with Unity 3d, NFT Marketplace for in game assets, NFT Staking solution for users to earn passive income on their NFT's, token creation as a play to earn currency, custom made characters to suit the theme of the game and a custom built website with Next Js supporting web3.

Research & Planning

The first step was to perform a competitor analysis and find the competitive advantage our client can use to gain more traction & grow the community. The roadmap and whitepaper was carefully planned & developed based on our clients requirements.

We also researched and gathered all the influencers and marketing channels in the play to earn ecosystem, so our client can successfully launch the product to the right audience and gain the necessary traction needed.

After determining the all factors needed for product development, launch and marketing, our development team got into action.

The Product


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